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Testimonials / Reviews

Dr. Adam and Key are an amazing team. If you want to enjoy great chiropractic care in a relaxed environment you should give them a call! 

I moved to NY in April and looked all summer for a Brooklyn chiropractor. I have chiropractors in my family back in Arizona and was looking for specific traits in a local practice: ease to work with and fair pricing. 

After contacting about a dozen offices in the Park Slope / Prospect Heights / Carroll Gardens area I was beginning to get discouraged when I stumbled upon Dr. Nachmias' office. 

I have been working with them now since October and am very satisfied. They are easy to work with and have the fair pricing I was looking for. And, as a bonus, they have a spunky personality that makes me feel at home. It is easy to schedule with them and, even with a full house, I don't have to wait long for my therapy session and adjustment. 

Chiropractic a vital part of my own personal health & wellness plan and I am so grateful to have found a convenient and friendly practice to continue my care in NY.

Christina Webb

Dr. Nachmias is the best ever! I started my visits in July of this year 2021 due to lower back, neck pain & headaches. He's been really helpful; he does these unique stretching that makes me feel brand new and 10lbs lighter every time I get off his table. He's one of the most pleasant doctors I've ever had, his humor is the cherry on top! If you are in any kind of pain, I strongly recommend Dr. Nachmias he will attend to your needs.

Leonela Sanchez

I have been seeing Dr. Adam for a almost three years. When I first became a patient, I was pregnant with my second child. My pregnancy was high risk and I had lots of pelvic girdle pain issues, as well as issues with my legs giving out. Dr. Adam was able to work wonders. He is extremely supportive of his patients, friendly with a sense of humor and realistic about how to help you. 

Dr. Adam has a Brooklyn office and a Manhattan office. He is open in Brooklyn on Saturdays. His office also offers massage therapy, which can also be helpful and relaxing. Keana (I hope I spelled that correctly, if not I apologies), is very nice and helpful when you call/walk in. I have referred people to doctor Adam and I will continue to do so.

Smith Family

Amazing office! From start to finish I had and still have a great experience. I was suffering from serious neck pain and back pain due to a car accident I had about a month ago and I can honestly say the horrible pain and discomfort subsided. 

I've been going to Dr. Nachmias twice a week and can say I have been feeling good each and every time I walk out of his office. I truly enjoy his uplifting personality and his warm conversation which makes me feel welcomed. 

He takes his time and does get everything in the right order with your body before you leave and I must say, it's a true pleasure to be treated by him. 

Kieanna who is the first person you see when you walk in is so sweet and pleasant and extremely accommodating for the times you need to come in to the office. Needless to say how awesome it is that you get a text message to remind you of your appointment and you can respond to it and if you need to change, there she is ready to help you. 

Jameelah is absolutely fantastic. She knows what's going on with your body the way a masseuse should. The way she manipulates the muscles and the tissue with her unbelievable technique getting the knots and kinks out is just marvelous. 

This office needless to say is highly recommend! It's just truly a nice atmosphere and lovely office with real incredible people.

M. Rose

"Adam is absolutely stellar and jovial at each visit. I started coming to this office in the summer after reading reading consistent positive reviews about 

Adam's effectiveness. His energy and spirited character is memorable, he cracks jokes and keeps the atmosphere easy going throughout the visit. 

First appointment was a light assessment because Adam is careful not to proceed too far without x-ray scan results. Second visit, he goes through the scan with you and breaks it down to layman terms on what issues there may be and what to correct/alleviate/prevent. 

Since then, I'm ready to make an appointment and meet Adam to have a quick adjustment and feel lightness and increased blood flow in the upper body and neck area. Another plus, Adam has massage therapists come on Saturdays. I always book with Nataniel and he is superb - always an assessment and explanation of what the issue is before proceeding with the massage and the information continues throughout the appointment too. Ever since the first massage from Nataniel on my shoulder knot, the discomfort hasn't resurfaced and I am utterly euphoric about being pain free in that area. 

Onto setting up the next appointment!"

Kenny Liang

After a very bad car accident I was left with pain in my ribs, neck, back, ankles and shoulders (just to name a few spots) that was constant and my body aches were unbearable. They caused me a great deal of discomfort when I stood, sat, or even slept. 

Dr. Nachmias, Adam, as most clients affectionately call him began seeing me within days of my accident. The entire process thus far has been stress free. After finding out of herniated and bulging discs in my neck and back, I was very concerned. 

Between the electrical stimulation, neck stretching, and adjustments, Adam has provided great relief and managed to ease my fears. On top of that, he set me up with a massage therapist named Jameelah who is so knowledgeable about the body that she was able to often sense where my pain was (even though she'd still ask). 

I look forward to getting massages and adjustments that send me home feeling like I'm ready to take on the world (even though I'm still healing). The pain has lessened and what lingers is more manageable now. I can move around without feeling that my limbs are out of place. 

Dr. Nachmias' services allow me to refrain from taking medications as frequently as I was. Walking into Adam's office often feels like walking in on a live taping of Cheers. 

The new Brooklyn office's decor is amazing...peaceful. Adam as well as the other staff members have a caring and professional demeanor that put everyone at ease. 

Adam and Jameelah are very compassionate with their work. I always leave that office knowing that they genuinely care about me. Adam is an excellent chiropractor who is very knowledgeable about his craft. 

Adam, Key and all the other members of his staff provide exceptional customer service. Adam is very flexible with appointments and I never have a problem scheduling or fitting in. His practice is definitely first class! I look forward to being able to continue with my daily duties with minimal pains. By the way, the office was beautiful!!! 

I loved the color scheme. The colors were soothing. If you're looking for a chiropractor that is out Nachmias chiropractic...You won't be disappointed!

Salisha Jackson

Dr. N is fantastic and practices with skill and integrity. I always feel amazing when I leave my appointments. Going to him has been a game- changer. So grateful I found him! The office is always clean (with good music), he and his staff are always personable, helpful and friendly. It's always a great visit.

Gabriela Gonzalez

I've been seeing different chiropractors my entire adult life - I started in my 20's with curvature of the spine and chronic pain ongoing. I tried so many NY practitioners and none could find the right ways to adjust my various issues. Until 6 years ago when I found Dr. Adam. By far the best chiropractor out there - he knows what's wrong by touch and fixes it quickly. 

My hip stopped popping out of socket and the once I was pregnant with placenta previa - his adjustments turned my baby around into proper position and saved myself and my baby from a very scary birth. (Plus he's hilarious.) Kiki and Leon are the friendliest Office team members- it feels so welcoming. 

I drive an hour from Bushwick just to see my favorite chiro. Jamilla is also a great masseuse if you need prenatal or postnatal care. 

Tip: Call directly -- they can get you a better time that way rather than through 3rd party.

Caroline Bailey

After years of suffering with tremendous back, shoulder, and neck pain, Dr. Adam provided me with not only the finest adjustments I could ask for, but also educated me about the root causes and how to best resolve while I'm at home. 

A+ chiro !

J Eimaik

I've been seeing Dr. Adam for almost seven years now, and he consistently provides the best and friendliest care. I've needed chiropractic services since I was sixteen and had bounced around to many doctors before finally finding Dr. Adam. 

He's not only incredibly knowledgeable in his practice, but he also is so fun to see. I always look forward to our appointment days and leave not only feeling better in my neck and back, but also in a better mood than when I went in. 

He's just the best, I feel so lucky for having found him.

Magen Allen

Dr. Nachmias and his team have been a huge help with my chronic hip pain. He's extremely knowledgeable, communicative, and excited to help you feel your best. He made me feel so comfortable and at ease, while still prioritizing my health, safety, and long-term care. 

I feel very lucky to have found Dr. Nachmias. The staff at his office have been wonderful as well! They have been so accommodating with insurance changes, scheduling, and advocating for me and my needs. 

I've definitely found myself a lifelong chiropractor.

Megan Moylan

My family have been going to Dr. Nachimas's office for over 15 years. My significant other(at the time) and I are both military veterans. Between us, we have scoliosis, pinched nerve, herniated disc's, and and extra vertebrae. 

After each visit, I feel taller and the body feels lighter. Now we have 3 children (14,10,and 6) who also sees Dr. Nachmias. The children loves his work. We feel it is important for the children to have adjustments so they can grow to their full potential, especially with all the Online time the children have spent and ipad time. 

They need their posture readjusted. Our youngest is medically fragile. She didn't stand until she was 2 years old, and did not walk until she was almost 3. She sees Dr. Nac too and I have noticed an improvement in her posture.

Elaine NG

I have been a patient of Dr. Adams for a few years now. I was going to another chiropractor before him to address some issues I believed I was having with my neck. I was not happy, so I decided to see Dr. Adam. It turns out I have a minor scoliosis that my previous doctor was not addressing. 

When I went to see Dr. Adam he pointed it out and started treatment right away. I was shocked because my condition did not happen over night and my previous doctor ignored it to use the equipment he had in his office to treat only the neck. Since then I have appreciated Dr. Adam's straight forwardness and approach to treating me. 

I have been feeling much better and now I have my husband seeing him as well. Thank you, Dr. Adam, for all your help.

Marisa D.

I LOVE him. I don't know how much more amazing a person can get. Dr. Adam is kind, HILARIOUS, super knowledgeable, gentle, kind, and genuinely concerned about his patients receiving proper care. 

After a near tragic car accident, my girlfriend and I experienced severe neck and back pains. Neither of us had ever visited a chiropractor before, and for our first time, we needed someone who was not only the BEST but someone that also took our, NO-Fault insurance, and was conveniently located. I love Yelp* because they tell the truth! EVERY single review for Dr. Adam was glowing and accurate. I kept reading about his professionalism, care, and amazing staff. I was sold! 

My girlfriend and I immediately called his office and booked appointments. We spoke to Key, the amazing front desk receptionist, who was very kind and understanding when we had to reschedule twice! The F train is SUPER convenient, being literally steps away from the Brooklyn office. From the moment we arrived, we were treated like royal family. Key was very helpful with our initial paperwork, engaging, and warm. Dr. Adam came out and greeted us in the lobby. It was an instant connection, and the warm jokes, laughter, and comfort began. He sat with us and consulted us, and had a gentle touch our adjustments. He then sent us for X-rays, and designed special treatment paths for our individual injuries. 

We LOVE him. It's like a family reunion when we get there. I couldn't have envisioned a better situation. He's just fantastic and we absolutely look forward to our visits, which aren't really appointments actually, they're more like hanging out with our friend that just happens to know how to crack jokes AND backs. 



Amazing for adults and children!!! I am very grateful that I found Dr Adam. Visiting now has become routine and feels like we are visiting loving family. 

He has helped correct neck and back injuries for adults, and has been intricate in relieving neck aches, headaches, and maintaining proper alignment for my young kids during remote learning! We have also noticed allergy relief after being treated!! Thank you! 

My youngest child wants me to also post that he "was in a very bad spot after sitting in front of a computer screen all the time, was getting headaches, and was not able to move (his) neck up and down without hurting. 

After his first treatment, he was able to move his head more and looks forward to visiting Dr Adam because he always feels so much better afterwards. 

Thank you so much Dr Adam"


I've been seeing Dr. Adam for almost seven years now, and he consistently provides the best and friendliest care. I've needed chiropractic services since I was sixteen and had bounced around to many doctors before finally finding Dr. Adam. 

He's not only incredibly knowledgeable in his practice, but he also is so fun to see. I always look forward to our appointment days and leave not only feeling better in my neck and back, but also in a better mood than when I went in. He's just the best, I feel so lucky for having found him.

Magen A.

I came to Dr. Nachmias for lower back pain due to a sports injury that was keeping me from doing just about everything (I could hardly walk). 

Dr. Nachmias was able to help me with alignment issues that solved the problem almost immediately!! I went from struggling to walk to being back on the field in less than a week and I've felt great ever since. 

I currently go in for adjustments roughly once a month to keep my back aligned properly. It's very easy to schedule / move appointments when needed. The office has great communication and always sends a reminder when you have an appointment coming up. 

I'd highly recommend Nachmias Chiropractic!

Oliver Z.

My wife and I have been coming to Dr Nachmias for a while. He does an excellent job based on 2 dimensions: 

1. He does a good job with the adjustments that need to be made and explains everything that is going on in detail and how it will help, etc. He also takes time to understand your daily life - do you sit at a desk, do you play sports, etc.  At my first visit, he had me get x-rays of my neck so he could see what was going on in there. 

2. He is very social and affable. He is very friendly and chatty. This is important because people get nervous when going to the chiropractor to get their back and neck snapped. His personality helps you calm down and relax before you get worked on. 

The other thing I like is that he has very good massage therapists working for him. It is important to match up a good massage therapist with the chiropractor as all the bones, ligaments and muscles work together. 

Dan C.

I chose Dr. Adam for my husband back when he was my boyfriend... He is a journeyman carpenter standing at 6'4" and was always having back trouble due to the manual labor he puts himself through on a daily basis. 

To keep things short and sweet Dr. Adam was able to save my husband from getting back surgery and I love him for that. As far as my back... I had very little to no pain prior to pregnancy... Now that I'm entering my second trimester my back has extra weight to carry and was constantly cramping prior to seeing Dr. Adam. 

I saw him about a week ago and he was able to preform a pre natal adjustment on me that left me feeling the best I have in over three months. Not to mention the prenatal massage he referred me to... I'm am so thankful I read these same Yelp reviews and chose him myself. 

He is a huge relief to my little family.! Also on that note, his office is a little mom and pop type near the west village. Very old school New York. 

When you walk in you'll feel like you're part of the family... So if you're looking for fancy shmancy snobby Manhattan business doctor DON'T go here because what you'll find is a cozy little office with a sweet team who will take care of you on a first name basis and keep you healthy.!

MaKaibree J.

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