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Dr. Adam Nachmias


For over 30 years Dr. Adam Nachmias has been at the forefront when it comes to compassionate patient care.  He is an old-school chiropractor who does full spinal adjustment by hand along with physical therapies.

With offices in Greenwich Village/Chelsea and Bayridge Brooklyn, we specialize in relieving low back and neck pain with symptoms ranging from headaches/migraines, sinus and allergy problems, hip and sciatic pain, and shoulder/arm and hand pain, as well as any work-related injuries.

We do have same-day appointments available as well as walk-ins:

  • Massage therapy & physical therapy are available.

  • Most major insurance plans are accepted.

  • Daytime evening and weekend appointments are available!

Our office staff will take care of your insurance billing and any questions about your coverage.

Relief is here with Chiropractic care and Massage therapy.

At Nachmias Chiropractic. WE GOT YOUR BACK!

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Massage Therapy Does More Than Feel Good, It Aids in Healing!

William Thompson

William Thompson

Massage Therapist